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Toasted township!

We're tired. We're burnt out. We're the townies. The Toasted Townies is a community driven/generative collection of 5,252 unique Townies comprised of 512 traits that live on the Ethereum blockchain. 

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Welcome to toasted township!

Welcome to toasted township!

Welcome to toasted township!

Welcome to toasted township!

Welcome to toasted township!

Welcome to toasted township!

Welcome to toasted township!

About Toasted Township

Welcome to Toasted Township. Small town livin’ at its finest, way up in the high hills of the Toasted World. Peaceful, neighborly, and full of people from all walks of life who work hard—sometimes too hard. Townies take their work and their play seriously, but sometimes that work/life balance gets a little out of whack. The daily work grind is taking a toll on the Townies more and more each day and they just want to be able to enjoy the things they’ve got. There’s just got to be a better way to beat the burnout…right?

Toasted Township will consist of 5,252 generative Townies created with a combination of 512 traits on the Ethereum Blockchain. The collection has been hand drawn by two of Web 3's most talented and up and coming female artists, Taylor Castanho and Kassidy Laxdal who both attended Savannah College of Design (SCAD). Townies are made up of 16 Backgrounds, 14 Toasty Bods, 59 Outfits, 84 Heads, 65 Accessories, 274 Faces, and 33 original 1 of 1's. Each Townie will be extremely unique given the large number of traits within our collection. 👀

The Townies Manifesto

Let’s face it: we’re all a bit toasted from the bear market and work these days. Some of us might even know someone who’s been working so hard for so long we don’t even recognize them. Toasted Township is the place to visit when you need a break from your own burnout.

It’s a parody of that rise-and-grind, work-hard-play-hard culture that most of us embrace. This is where all us 9-to-5ers (and 5-to-9ers) come to decompress.

Toasted Township’s mission is to foster an online community that hard working humans like you can rely on to break the burnout. We believe the harder the work, the sweeter the rest. By connecting like-minded people from all different types of work environments—office life, education, WFH day traders, night shift, you name it—we hope to give the Toasted Townie in all of us the break it deserves. No roadmap. No promises. Just toasty vibes.


What is Toasted Township?

Toasted Township is a generative art collection of 5,252 baked townies hand drawn by two of web 3's most talented new artists, Taylor Castanho & Kassidy Laxidal. Taylor & Kassidy both graduated from the Savannah College of Design (SCAD). The townies are a parody of the burnout culture that we all wake up to each day. We try to shrug it off alone but we created this community to tackle it together. This is a space where us “9-5ers” come to decompress. No roadmap. No promises. Just vibes and toast.

What are Toasted Townies? 

Toasted Townies are a collection of 5,252 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Townies were crafted using a combination of 512 traits, creating an unprecedented amount of individuality and personality for each townie.

What does my Townie get me?

Minting and owning a Toasted Townie gets you a cute little toasty PFP which was baked with tender loving care.

When will Toasted Township Launch?

The toasters heating up.... Stay alert ;)

How much will the mint price be?



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